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Digital transformation: What are the solutions?

Last time we discussed how the requirement for digital transformation within shipping organisations is changing the future of the industry. So how are those who are leading this curve making changes?

  1. Improved booking platforms – implementing simple, one-click booking processes. Taking inspiration from how e-commerce sites allow speedy purchasing.
  2. High-margin services – e-commerce platforms and advanced cargo management systems allow liners to expand offerings into higher-margin areas of the supply chain.
  3. Real time tracking and on-board sensors to monitor cargo conditions.
  4. Using analytics to allow for dynamic pricing.
  5. Using blockchain technology to streamline and secure the documentation process.
  6. Modernising systems to take advantage of advanced data and predictive analytics.
  7. Attracting the right talent to enable the digitalisation to take place.

Are you using any of these? Any you using any others? We’d be really interested in hearing your stories!