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How is the maritime industry stepping up to digitalisation?

To succeed with digitalisation the maritime sector should focus on digitalising whole processes to optimise cost reductions and reduce CO2 emissions, the Port of Rotterdam’s manager of digital business solutions has said.

Speaking at TOC Europe 2019, Oscar Van Veen stated that the sector needs to “step up again” to target supply chain visibility, seamless trade links and port call optimisation. “We do this to get enormous cost reductions of course and the second really important area is you get a CO2 reduction,” he said.

Veen believes that once organisations and areas start working together on all areas digitalisation “is going to be bigger than money and sustainability.”

Shipping companies are currently being forced to re-evaluate many of their existing processes and methods. Many of these traditional methods are no longer standing up to the complexities of today’s volatile business environment.

Those players who are being the early adopters of digital transformation are bypassing their competition with new and efficient business platforms that focus on delivering more benefits to the customers. Digital transformation is now seen as the key to survival.

Veen advises starting the digitalisation process within your own company and then linking to the wider shipping community.

We looked at the possible solutions for digital transformation a few months ago. Some of these solutions include; Improved booking platforms, Real time tracking and utilising blockchain technology. Take a look at this post for more ideas.