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Coastal Surveillance

The RTCom coastal surveillance program is an end to end solution from design, right through to delivery, implementation and management.  This is best described as a Mega program. One such program delivers full time surveillance for more than 350,000 square kilometers. The large infrastructure is also under long term technical, operational and procedural support.

The delivery includes fixed complete sites, with all the required sensors, Over the Horizon Radar systems, integrated mobile surveillance platforms, large as well as small sea vessels and marine aircraft integration.  As a comprehensive program, it includes datacenters, Independent Power Supply (IPS) Systems, Master Command and Control (over 1,200 square meter) systems, 3 with regional control centers and Network Operations Centers.

In addition it includes full Marine Operational Intelligence, a Tactical training center and simulators, all part of the large scale solution. The general content provides for a full RTCom designed and delivered C4i.

Port Infrastructure

Our port solution is an end-to-end supply, implementation and technical support program.  The main deliverables are improved revenue generation, effective and efficient operations, safety management and port security.

One program covers 13 port locations and will be expanded adding more locations and features. The network has a main headquarter based Marine Operations center (MOC) and a fully managed Network Operation Center (NOC).

The main datacenter is centrally located and connects to 6 Port Complex Nodes.  All locations have autonomous power solutions. RTCom designed, Integrated and implemented the solution. It provides operational management based on automation.

The integration and scope covers services such as Unified Communications (UCS), UHF, VHF, Electro-optical Systems, CCTV, mobility, Reporting Systems, radar systems, AIS, satellite AIS, global database fusion, investigation, database logs, productivity, weather and tide monitoring, VTS, VTMIS, etc.

RTCom ongoing services such as operational support includes 5 year extended warranty, maintenance and support as well as extensive skills development and training programs.

National Information Systems

RTCom has the ability to provide universal connectivity and services through large scale Secure Government Encrypted Private Networks. 

RTCom executed a complete NIS implementation which includes the on-going support and covers an area of close to 1 million square kilometres.  The end to end design consists of power infrastructure, civil works and other elements to provide a broad national program.

The encrypted solution supports Internet, VPN, VOIP, Video Conferencing and general IP connectivity. It is based on Central Systems that Connects 450 Agencies and 5,000 end locations.

Presidential Command

RTCom provides a presidential command system with more than one and a half dozen control centers. It contains 3 master operational Command Centers, including the central Presidential command.  It is based on a private network and uses a wide spectrum of different technologies to provide a national encrypted private security and intelligence domain.

It incorporates more than a dozen executive on the move mobile command centers, transportable rapid deployment systems, handheld solutions, a large amount of key fixed locations, Video Conferencing, Voice and specialized Data services.

In addition to the large datacenters, it has site diversity independent power systems and network overlays for times of national crisis.  The operational control and autonomy is RTCom developed as well as implemented as an end to end system. It also has a comprehensive ISMS (Intelligence Information Management System) software solution.  As expected, RTCom also provides on-going services and support for this type of critical infrastructure.

Global Communication Networking (GCN)

RTCom has the ability to work on a global scale developing, implementing and supporting complete all-inclusive global secure Managed ICT systems. The Global Networks are based on a combination of VPN encrypted channels and an Encrypted Private Network.

The solution includes the development of applications and services as required.  The general services include Video Conferencing, Voice, Data and special Secure Messaging.  The services are used by multiple Central Regional Datacenters operated by end-users in more than 60 countries around the world.